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keyframe is a starting or ending point in a video animation encapsulating a specific display state (such as camera position, object visibility, color and rendering mode). Transitions are interpolated between keyframes for creating a video animation.

In Aivia, keyframes are used in the Video Animator tool for creating videos for visualizing a 3D/3D+time dataset. Each keyframe is shown as a screenshot / thumbnail on the video timeline with additional tools for modifying the keyframe.

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States saved in a keyframe

Each keyframe in the Video animator encapsulates a number of display settings that the tool uses for interpolating transitions. The following table summarizes all the states that are saved with each keyframe:

ScopeStates saved
  • Camera position
  • Zoom level
  • Orientation
  • Time point (for 3D+time datasets)
Per image channel
  • Channel visibility
  • Rendering mode
  • Channel color
  • Channel dynamic range (LUT)
Per object set
  • Set visibility
  • Rendering mode, including dendrite display types
Per clipping plane or ortho plane
  • Plane visibility
  • Plane position
  • Plane orientation
  • Plane control tool visibility

Keyframe thumbnail