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3D Tools

3D Tools contains GUI functions for displaying, manipulating, and editing objects and volumes. The 3D Tools are part of the Analysis Tools panel and are visible when you are in 3D View or 3D Plane View. The toolbar within the 3D Tools tab contains the different 3D tools that, when selected, will update the GUI to show relevant controls.

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The 3D Tools tab is in the Analysis Tools panel, which is pinned on the right side of the Aivia window by default. The 3D Tools tab is visible when you are in 3D View or 3D Plane View. To access the 3D tools, click on the 3D Tools tab at the top of the Analysis Tools panel when the tab is shown. Click on an icon on the left side of the panel to activate a tool. There are nine 3D tools available, which are described in the table below.




Overlay Manipulator

Configure 3D view display overlays

Mesh Contour Editor

Edit or create 3D objects manually by painting

One Click Object Creator

Create 3D mesh surfaces based on selected position within the volume

Mesh Creator

Create 3D mesh surfaces based on intensity level on the whole volume

Mesh Splitter

Cut 3D objects

Mesh Joiner

Merge selected 3D mesh surfaces

Neuron Composer

Edit or create neuron objects manually

3D Crop

Crop volumes in 3D

Volume Transformer

Manipulate 3D volumes and create new image files


Detailed descriptions on how to use each 3D tool can be found in their respective documentation.