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Export data to Excel

Measurements can be exported to an Excel-readable spreadsheet file for additional analysis. Aivia can export data to the XLSX and CSV file formats.

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The following are ways to launch the Export to Excel dialog:

  1. Click on the Export to Excel icon in the Spreadsheet tab of the bottom panel.

  2. Go to File > Export > Data to Excel.

  3. Run the Export Data to Excel command from the search bar.

In the Export to Excel dialog, you can select the desired measurements to export by clicking on the checkboxes next to the measurements and/or by using the Select All / None buttons below the measurement list.

If your image has more than one object set, you can use the Object Set selection dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the Export to Excel dialog to select the object set to export measurements for.

Object sets are exported separately in Aivia; make sure you have the correct object set selected before you proceed.

You can choose to export the data to an XLSX or CSV file from the Output Format dropdown menu. For CSV export, each measurement will be exported as a separate file.

When you click the Export button, Aivia will prompt you for the save location for the exported data and will open your default spreadsheet software to show the exported results.

Export to Excel dialog