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Export analysis data

When you save an image in Aivia, all detected objects (such as outlines, tracks, and 3D surfaces) and the associated measurement data as well as display settings are saved with the image to a file that is readable in Aivia. There are also several options for exporting analysis data to other software for additional analysis.

Export options in the File menu

Click on File > Export to access several of Aivia's export options. The following export options are available under the File menu:

  • Image to Snapshot: export a snapshot of the current display to a picture file

  • Image to Large Snapshot: export a snapshot of the current display with user-defined size/resolution to a picture file

  • Movie: export a movie of the image as it is currently displayed in Main View (2D)

  • Data to Excel: export measurement data to XLSX or CSV files

  • Neuron Objects: export 3D neuron reconstructions to SWC or HOC files

  • Display Settings: export the current display settings to a JSON file

  • Meshes: export 3D surface reconstructions to PLY (Polygon File Format) files

  • Recipe: export the current recipe to a .recipe file

  • Classifier: export the current object classifier to a .classifier file

Exported recipes and classifiers can only be read in Aivia.


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File menu export options

Export options outside of the File menu

The following are some additional types of analysis data that can be exported from Aivia: