Aivia Software

Aivia user data sharing

We are constantly working to improve your experience with Aivia. Understanding your use of Aivia will allow us to personalize Aivia according to your usage patterns, build new tools, improve existing tools to make your image analysis work faster and easier. The information we collect is NOT shared with any third parties. It is only used by our internal R&D team. We do NOT collect your results or raw image data.

Data we collect

Image metadata:

  • Image bit depth

  • Acquisition parameters

  • Resolution

  • Calibration information

  • Tiling parameters

  • Image file names

Computer hardware information:

  • CPU

  • GPU

  • Memory (RAM/Disk)

Tool usage information:

  • When a tool is opened/closed

Recipe Apply:

  • Recipe parameters used


  • Aivia will collect relevant log information to help our developers ensure that the error does not happen again

Basic Usage:

  • When data is exported, loaded, or saved

  • Button clicks (such as opening the Classifier tool)

Search Bar Data:

  • Text that is searched for

Data we do not collect

Your image files

Your image results, and actual image data.

Changing your usage data sharing permission

You can change this at any time by navigating to File - Options - Advanced and checking / un-checking the “Enable Telemetry” box.

If you previously shared your data with us and want us to delete it or you want to get a copy of your data please contact us via Aivia.Support [at]

If you previously shared data with us (you opted in) and are OK with us using the data already collected you don't need to take any action.

About the data transfer, storage and security

  • Connection from client to server is encrypted using SSL/TLS1.2

  • Data is routed from the accepting server to a database inaccessible to public external access

  • Data is stored in an encrypted database

  • Server and database connections are recorded/logged

  • Data is only recorded with users consent

  • Data is stored separate from user personal information