Aivia Software

Colorize objects by measurements

You can display detected objects with different colors based on their measurements. This provides an easy way to visually identify patterns in your image. To colorize objects by measurements, follow the steps below:

In the Object set display settings, click on the Color dropdown menu for the selected object set.

  1. Select the Color by measurements option from the dropdown menu at the top of the pop-up menu.

  2. The pop-up menu is updated and you can select the measurement to colorize. (This may take a short time for Aivia to compute and assign the colors)

  3. Drag the slider below to specify the measurement range and the look up table (LUT)


If your aim is to see the same color code for multiple images, you can concatenate the images as a sequence through the menu “File > Import > Image Sequence”. Run your analysis on this sequence and finally set the color by measurements option.