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Aivia VR FAQs

In March 2017, we held a webinar to demonstrate the VR tools that are available in Aivia. You can view the video of the webinar on YouTube at


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Yes, Aivia VR supports volume rendering and surface rendering. We recognize that diverse datasets exist and have provided a number of different rendering modes, allowing you to view your data in the most suitable mode.

No. While there is an ever-growing suite of programs that support VR, it does require dedicated software development. Aivia has developed software support for VR, allowing you to explore your datasets in the VR space in our software.

We support the HTC Vive (including the Vive Pro and Vive Cosmos) and Oculus Rift (including the Rift S) families of VR headset.

Absolutely, Aivia can handle loading of grayscale images and volume rendering in VR.

Yes! Please refer to our wiki page on VR interactions for more information on navigating a 4D dataset.